We have coached athletes from all over the world. 

Our experienced coaches are degreed and certified to coach people both on and off the water to achieve their full potential. We know how to achieve success and we will design a program that is just right for you. 

Our plans are ever evolving with your needs as an athlete. Our plans never become stale and adapt each month as you progress. We work with you to make your program suit your life and not the other way around. These personalized programs are designed around specific training principles backed by science and our more than 50 + years of combined personal experience. 

Our coaches are confident that with the right attitude and assistance, those who commit to our monthly coaching platform will see positive results and improved outcomes. Using training principles and skills that we have learned over the years, we can shortcut your learning curve. Through our hands on platform we can encourage and motivate you in your own personalized program, taking your paddling and racing to the next level.

We are here to help you become a fitter, stronger, healthier paddler. 

Each Month you will receive:

  • Personalized Program

  • Sessions designed around your daily routine

  • On water and off water training

  • Taper and specific conditioning for your event

  • Access to coaches for questions via email and text

  • *minimum 3 month sign up

Race Ready Programs

Structured And Periodzed Programs To Get You ready For Your Target Race

These tried and true programs allow you to have a structured approach to your training so that you peak for your target race. These training plans begin 5 - 10 weeks before your race and allow you to taper for the big day.

This beginner plan is designed for the paddler who is just looking to enter their first race or get fit. 

BOP or style racing.

High intensity, short duration technical race training or multiple buoy turns.

Designed for the weekend warrior or intermediate paddler looking to improve their endurance.

Designed for the experienced/elite paddler looking to place on the podium.

This program is for races lasting greater than 2 hours in duration (channel crossings, downinders, etc.)

Don't see a program that fits your needs? Or perhaps you want a more personalized program to help you improve your skills and performance? Consider our online coaching platform for both SUP and Outrigger Canoe disciplines.


Our Coaches have over 50+ years of training, coaching, racing knowledge and experience to guide you in a step by step program and encourage you to reach your full potential.


Through extensive experience across all areas of water sports, one can be confident putting their trust in the hands our expert coaches.