Outrigger Clinics



Clinics are intended to educate and guide paddlers in a more condensed period of time. Clinics provide a great opportunity to take paddling to the next level with minimal time commitment. Clinics are two day events held on Saturday and Sunday devoting the entire time to a particular aspect of paddling. 




Steering Clinic: Introduction to Steering

Everyone should know how to steer. This Clinic is for any paddler, advanced or beginner, who knows NOT how to steer or is just beginning to steer. This Clinic will outline the roles a steersperson plays as well as the roles of all the other seats, and why it is so important for all paddlers in the canoe to have a knowledge of steering. By the end of this session, you will have a grasp, if not be well on your way to steering an OC-6. Two day clinic: 4 hours on day one and 2 hours on day 2.

***5 persons maximum per canoe (2 canoes available).

Advanced Steering – Open Ocean and Downwind Surfing

This clinic is geared to more experienced paddlers who already know how to steer but need to sharpen up your open ocean and downwind surfing skills. A good steersman can make a good crew great! But a good crew without a good steersman will never be recognized. This clinic focuses on how to effectively and efficiently steer your canoe in the open ocean. Upon completing this clinic, you will better understand what to be aware of, what to look for and how to read the water. You will learn how to capitalize on opportunities, create opportunities and minimize mistakes. Improve your confidence and performance with discussion, Q and A, and blue water practice. We’ll help give you the tools to become the best you can be. 2 day clinic: 2 hours day 1, 4 hours day 2.

*** Minimum 2 paddlers, maximum 4 persons.


Advanced - OC-1 Surfing skills

Surfing the ocean is the most enjoyable form of paddling. One of the greatest freedoms associated with OC-1 is versatility in wave conditions. A defining mark of the best paddlers is their ability to catch swells of all sizes, coming from all angles and stringing it all together. Ocean surfing is also the best way to turn a monotonous workout into a stellar day on the water that leaves you hankering for more. Getting to that level of proficiency takes time in the ocean, but we can help accelerate the learning curve by sharing tips of what to look for and how to react. This clinic will take you into the deep blue ocean where you have the opportunity to try your hand at surfing with a coach/coaches to guide you along and make sure you are safe. Please note that this clinic requires enough experience and competence to stay upright most of the time in the rough ocean. Consequently, this clinic is for intermediate/advanced.

Private Coaching

Can't make one of the scheduled camps? We offer a wide range of coaching services that can be scheduled to meet your schedule. If you want to request a private session, or if you cannot find an activity that works with your timetable, feel free to contact us here and we will design a lesson or camp specially catered to you and/or your group’s needs.