Learn to paddle outrigger canoe! Paddling offers a fun way to develop skills on the water. Outrigger Canoe Paddling is the national sport of the Polynesian Islands. This sport encourages physical education, promotes physical activity, encompasses different training aspects for competition, and caters to recreational use and elite racing.

In regard to physical activity, youth paddle programs to help increase physical activity in children.  Getting youth involved in the sport of paddling will provide an enjoyable lifelong opportunity for a healthier and active lifestyle.

Paddling encourages aerobic cardiovascular exercise to a higher degree compared to most other sports. By participating in a paddling program, children and young adults will receive the opportunity to develop cardiovascular fitness. The sport of paddling is an enjoyable activity that, unlike sports such as football, rugby, and baseball, can be continued well into a person’s 70s, 80s, and beyond. 


Courtyard by Marriott, Isla Verde Beach Resort, 7012 Calle Avenue Boca de Cangrejos, Carolina, 00979,

All Equipment Provided

The focus of our camps is on OC paddling and serves as an introduction to open ocean, and aquatic  environment conditions. Paddles, life vests, leashes, and boats are provided.